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Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-07 um

photo © piotr dzumala, 2018


Before I started to take photographs, I learned how to understand the image - its composition and its effect on the viewer. I focused on Cultural Studies and earned my PhD in Art History.

For many years, I was a lecturer of Art History at different universities and art academies in Poland and Switzerland, among others at the Institute of Art History in Basel and the Institute of Theory and History of Photography in Zurich.

I started to publish reviews about photography, art, dance and theater at the age of 21 and have since written regularly for various magazines, books and catalogues. For twelve years, I published articles in the photography magazine "Fotografia.”

I have photographed mostly people and events for the past 20 years. Currently, I work as a freelance photographer for numerous clients, including Stadtkino Basel.

Since 2008, I have also produced videos about artists and musicians and have worked for, among others, Museum Tinguely and Musikwerkstatt Basel

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